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Ceiling Medallion Installation
Ceiling medallions are used for a variety of purposes but most of all they are used to add décor and change the traditional canopy to ceiling look.
Medallions are also used to cover up holes, blemishes on ceiling, electrical boxes and reposition light fixtures. We do it all for you. When calling for an installation please know whether or not your ceiling is concrete, drywall or plaster.

We have different methods of installation depending on the material of your ceiling.
Mid-Large heavy sized medallions do require more installation time and touchup after the installation is complete. We will properly mount, caulk, fill gaps and paint your medallion to perfection.

We will remove old medallions and put new ones in place. See medallion work site photos below.


Custom medallions are available upon request. Please allow 1 week for custom delivery.

How do you pick and properly size your ceiling medallion?
If your chandelier has a diameter of 24" (60.96cm) then you would apply the PHi formula which is 24" x 1.618 = 38.8" medallion

In simple terms it's approx 1/3 to 2/3rds ratio.

We offer a  large variety of Classical, Colonial, Federal, Rectangle, Modern and Eclectic, Victorian and so many more shapes of medallions that you can browse through for your rooms. All medallions are made from Arch Polymer which is a high quality Artificial Wood for interior or exterior use. Other materials options can be chosen such as NeoPlaster for interior use only, Zeament for interior or exterior and Stone Mold for interior use only.

Our most popular is arch polymer for households which all come primed in white and hole cut for chandelier installation.