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Chandelier Quotes for Toronto 
Chandelier Installations within the Greater Toronto Region have a one hour minimum charge. A member of our team will call you with an estimated travel and job time before starting the installation.
Our specialists will install your chandelier to industry standards. No job is complete until we have full customer satisfaction. 
Outside of the Greater Toronto Area
We travel outside of the Greater Toronto Area for installations but please keep in mind we have a minimum rate of two hrs for all out-of- town jobs.
Our chandelier specialist will call you to give you an estimate of travel time and job time before starting the job. No installation is too small for us.
Chandelier Lifts
Call us about installing a chandelier lift for your fixture. Don't ever have to get on a ladder again to change a light bulb, clean or service your chandelier. We install Aladdin Chandelier Lifts for all ceiling heights, these lifts make your life easier and will end up saving you money with a more efficient way of servicing your light fixture.

Important facts to know when you talk, call or email a member of our team.
Ceiling height where your chandelier is being installed or removed from. Why?
This helps us determine whether or not we need to bring a higher than normal standard ladder or scaffolding.
Is there an existing fixture in the ceiling that needs to be removed before the new chandelier is installed?
What is the approximate size and weight of your new chandelier?
If your chandelier weighs more than 45lbs we will need to inspect and reinforce your ceiling so that it may handle the weight of your fixture.
How many light bulbs are on the new fixture?

Is there enough chain and center wire to accommodate the ceiling height you wish to hang the fixture from?